Traffix: Thermoplastic Resin for Road Marking as per commercial specifications.

Description:  Traffix Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material is specially designed taking into account Indian traffic & climate conditions. The material can be manufactured to suit various weather & Traffic Conditions outside India too

Uses: TRAFFIX can be used on medium to heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete road Surfaces

Benefits: High Durability
Excellent Adhesion
Good Day and Night Visibility
High skid Resistance
Fast Drying Time
High Softening Point
Applicator Friendly properties

Technical: Luminance: > 65
Drying Time: < 15 min.
Softening Point: > 115oC
Density: 1.9 - 2.1 gm / CC

Application Temp: For Screed application: 160 - 200°C
For Extrusion application: 170 - 210°C
For Spray application: 180 - 220°C

Packaging and Storage: Supplied in 25 kg HDPE Bag
Store the material in a dry area
Keep at room temperature
Shelf life is 12 months