GLASS BEADS: SWARCO Swarcoflex Glass Beads as per specifications of IRC : 35-2015 and MORTH specifications.

Description: Swarcoflex glass beads provide good, consistent retroreflective values in all conventional road marking materials. Used for inter-mix or drop-on applications and produced to meet all federal, state, county or customer specifications

Features: Size Range : 20 - 325 US Mesh | 45 - 850 Microns
Roundness >80%
Refractive Index >1.51
Specific Gravity Approx. 2.5

Coating:Swarcoflex Glass Beads are coated with moisture proof coating

Speciality: Because of special coating provides a strong adhesion on the surface of thermoplastic material

Packaging: 25Kg Bag

International Specification: BS 6088 type II
BS-EN 1423
AASHTO M 247 type I