Spring Posts


Reduces road accidents by providing an advance warning

..... its excellent reboundability quickly restores its original state without doing any damage to the vehicle as well as Spring post.

Model No: DA 954
Model No: DA 954
Model No: DA 960
Model No: DA 960
Model No: DA 961
Model No: DA 961
Model No: DA 962
Model No: DA 962

Uses area

Center lane dividing for narrow roads
Multi lanes for broad roads
Sharp curves
Traffic Islands
At the start of central verge (where single road becomes double road)
No Stop Zone at T shape road traffic signals
Parking lots
Constructions Zones
No Entry Zones
Dangerous medians and ‘U’ Turn etc

Installation Procedure:

Clean the area where spring post to be installed. Mark the nail points, grout the holes and clean the surface again. Pour some good quality of epoxy then place the spring post and fix the bolts with hammer

img8 (2)

Made on special Pliant material, it can quickly restore to its original state without damaging the vehicle and itself in case of a high-speed collision.

Highly reflective heat transfer sheet is pasted on specially designed grooves, make it highly visible from distance at night or in bad weather.

Its tensile strength and UV stabilizers enables it withstand the harshest of weather conditions. It is easy to install with a epoxy and other strong adhesives without damage to roads or bridges