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TRAFFIX - Thermoplastic road marking material is the result of years of research and hard work by the KATALINE laboratory. The product is made up of selective use of plasticisized binders, reflective glass beads, extenders and pigments.
General Characterics of Kataline Traffix
High durability
Compared to normal road paints, thermoplastic is hard wearing and is highly durable under all weather all traffic conditions. Its average life span is two to three years under normal traffic condition.

Excellent Adhesion

The selective combination of high grade raw materials with the hot applied method of the material provides an extremely strong bond between the material and the road surface substrate.

Good Day and Night Visibility

An intermix of high quality reflective glass beads provides continuous Retro reflectivity throughout the life span of the material. For immediate effect, high Retro reflective drop-on beads are recommended at the rate of 250 gm/sq.m.

High Skid Resistance
Aggregate material of selected sizes are used in the product mixture and tested thoroughly to provide maximum required skid resistance for better road safety.

Fast Drying Time
The product dries within three minutes and traffic may be released in 10 minutes after line marking operation.

High Softening Point
A good chemical formulation combined with years of Research and Development has yielded a product of exceptional stability against the effects of UV rays and harsh tropical climate conditions

SCREED - . . . . 180 C to 200 C
EXTRUSION - . .180 C to 200 C
SPRAY - . . . . .. 200 C to 220 C
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