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Swareflex Road Safety Products
KMGS is the Authorized Distributors for Swareflex (Austria) for Glass Element Reflector based road safety items such as Raised Pavement Markers, Crash Barrier Reflectors, Lane Dividers ....

Products range of Swareflex is given below .....
Road Studs Vertical Marking
Road Studs are necessary for the identification of the course of a carriageway in darkness or bad weather conditions. They can be heard and felt due to bumpy effect.
We offer variety of Swareflex reflective types. Glass reflectors maintain their excellent reflective properties for many years.
Reflective Inserts LED Products
We offer Swareflex reflective inserts in different sizes, shapes and colours for all types of road studs
We offer variour renge of Swareflex LED Products.

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