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Colored Surfacing (Prismo)
Colourbright is a new reflective coloured surfacing. White light from headlights is reflected back as coloured light to the driver in the dark. This is made possible through the development of Prismo's Clusterbead technology.Colourbright is used primarily to give warning of road hazards day and night, particularly on unlit roads where standard coloured surfacing is not easily visible at night. Prismo's Colourbright has overcome this problem through the development of Clusterbeads. Clusterbeads are powerful reflectors embedded into the coloured surfacing.

For the first time, engineers can plan safety schemes on unlit and poorly lit sites to provide visual early warning for vehicles approaching accident black spots, village gateways, cycle paths and other high risk areas.

The process involves laying a polymer modified bitumen scratch coat to level the area to be treated. Pigmented epoxy resin is then applied, followed by application of the Clusterbeads using a special bead distributor. The resin is then dressed with a pigmented resin-coated grit to provide skid resistance.
At one trial site in England, accidents, including fatalities and serious injuries, dropped from ten in the previous two years to none over the two year period following Colourbright installation.

Colourbright is available in red, yellow, green, white and 'stealth' grey.
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