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Cautionary Sign
Facility Information Sign
Direction Identification Sign
Sign during Construction
3M Retro Reflective Signboards
We are also in the business of Traffic Signboards and Road Safety Products. We have executed various NHAI Road Projects for Traffic Signboards using 3M Retro reflective sheeting’s like Micro Prismatic Grade, Hi Intensity Grade and Engineering Grade with various National Highway Contractors on their NHAI road projects. The details of few of the major works executed by us are as under: -
Mandatory Sign:
Give Way
No Entry
Prohibited in both direction
No Stoping
Speed Limit
Vehicle Prohibited in One Direction
All Moter Vehicles Prohibited
Truck Prohibited
Bullock Carts & Handcart Prohibit
Bullock Carts Prohibited
Tongas Prohibited
Handcart Prohibited
Restriction Ends Sign
Height Limit
Cycle Prohibited
Pedstrians Prohibited
Right Turn Prohibited
Left Turn Prohibited
U - Turn Prohibited
Overtaking Prohibited
Horn Prohibited
No Parking
Length Limit
Load Limit
Width Limit
Height Limit
Axle Load Limit
Compulsory Turn Left
Compulsory Go Ahead
Compulsory Turn Right Ahead
CompulsoryAhead or Turn Right
CompulsoryAhead or Turn Left
Compulsory Keep Left
Compulsory Cycle Track
Compulsory Sount Horn
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