Plastitrak: High Build Roll-On 2K Cold Plastic Material as per specifications of IRC : 35-2015 , page 4, clause 2.4 subclause 2.4.2 and MORTH specifications.

Description:  2-pack coldcuring solvent free compound, based on acrylic resins for hand application

Features: Easy to apply with texture roller
High Durability
Very good adhesion on the bitumen and concrete surfaces
Especially designed to accentuate bicycle-tracks and footpath's (Area identification markings)

Technical Characteristics: Viscosity : Thick fluid compound
Density : Approx. 1.8 gram/cm3
Skid resistance : > 45 S.R.T.
Hardening time : Approx. 20 minutes by 30°C Approx. 30 minutes by 20oCApprox.
40 minutes by 10°C
Flashpoint : Approx. 10°C
Storage stability : At least 6 months if stored in a cool place
Mixing ratio : 1 sachets of hardener to 20 kg Plastitrak roll on base
Potlife (mixed) : 10 minutes by 20°C

Application Method: Mark out the surface, which has to be marked / painted with self adhesive tape Mix the Plastitrak rolcoating with hardener and divide the material equally over the whole area Immediately after application the tape can be removed.

Spreading rate: Approx. 1.5- 2.0 kg/m2 at 0.8 -1.2 mm thickness

Temperature: Minimum application temperature 10°C

Primer: On dusty and sucking surfaces or fresh bituminous surfaces, we advise to apply EP PRIMER first

Weather Conditions: Minimum application temperature 10°C

Cleaning: With Thinner recommended by Kataline

Handling: Please See material safety data sheet

Packing: 20 kg cans of Plastitrak Roll on base
Hardener in plastic sachets

Standard Colours: • Oxide red (±RAL3011)
• Signal red (±RAL3001)
• Traffic green (±RAL6024)

Remarks: Other colours available on request and MOQ

International Specifications: BS-EN 1436


Cold Applied plastic is more durable than thermoplastic markings in retaining original colour & luminance value. It can be applied to surface in variety of ways with a superior finishing and has no need of large application equipment and can be easily carried in a medium sized van and a trailer.