Description:  2 component, solvent free 100% solid cold curing material. Anti skid road surfacing material is applied to asphalt and/or concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction, resulting in decreased braking distance and skidding in wet conditions.

Features: Easy to apply
High Durability
Very good adhesion on the bitumen and concrete surfaces

Benefits: Highest durability
Highest skid resistance
Fuel and oil resistance
Reduces accidents

Technical: Luminance: > 75
Drying Time: < 15 min.
Softening Point: > 130°C
Yellowness Index: 0.07
Density: 1.9 to 2.1 gm / CC approx

Packing: 20 kg cans

Application Method: Mark out the surface to be painted with self adhesive tape. Mix material with hardener and spread all over area to be painted with uniform film thickness.