Swaroline/Levilite (LED)

SignFlash & LeveLite - Warning Systems for Pedestrian crossings


Flashing unit with movement sensor

SignFlash makes pedestrian crossings safer
Flashing LED unit for easy installation on existing traffic signs – solar version requires no ground cables
LEDs automatically flash left and right, when pedestrians are in the crossing area (movement sensor)
SignFlash on opposite side of the road triggered by wireless signal
Low-maintenance power supply via solar cell/battery or connection to mains power (protective low voltage)
Can be used as an independent system or in combination with LeveLite. Two SignFlash systems are required for each pedestrian crossing

SignFlash 630 - Solar
Flashing LED unit
width 630 mm
integrated control unit and battery


1. Communication unit
2. Movement sensor


SignFlash Signflash 900
Flashing LED unit
width 900 mm
integrated control unit and battery with solar power pack


Flush-mounted LED guidance system

Flush-mounted optical guidance system for pedestrian crossings
Protrudes no more than 3 mm above road surface, therefore able to withstand traffic - even snowploughs
Clamping mechanism permits precise positioning of lens for traffic flow
A variety of functions (continuous light, flashing, brightness, etc.) can be selected from the control unit
Recommended configuration: At least 3 LeveLites per lane
Install as an independent system or in combination with SignFlash


white LED


yellow LED


LeveLite can withstand snowploughs