Swaroline/Levilite (LED)

LeveLite - Flush-mounted guidance system

Art.No. 8510
Power consumption:
LeveLite, two-way 6 LED's
white / white: 2.0 VA (80 mA) white / red, yellow: 1.5 VA (60 mA) red, yellow / red, yellow: 1.0 VA (40 mA)
Art.No. 8511
Power consumption:
LeveLite, one-way 6 LED's
white: 1.0 VA (40 mA) red, yellow: 0.5 VA (20 mA)
Light fixture: consists of a stainless steel V4A ring (1.4571) and an optic insert
Optic insert: made of special heavy-duty plastic with a transparent optic the optic insert is easy to replace without disconnecting it from the power supply
Installation canister: saltwater-resistant aluminium or technical plastic
Dimensions (dia x t mm): 130 x 60 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Max. height above street level: 3 mm (-> snow-ploughable)
Colour of LED‘s: white, red, yellow (green, blue - special designs)
Average luminous intensity: white: 50 cd / red: 20 cd / yellow: 22 cd
Durability of LED‘s: 100,000 h
Aperture angle of LED‘s: +/- 10°
Admissible operation voltage: 24 V DC
Protection class: IP 68 (electronics sealed)
Connection technology: T-connection
Pressure resistance: 10 tons
Fastening: The installation canister is set into the road, flush with the surface. The installation of the light fixture is effected by an adjusting disc. This ensures precise LED alignment in the direction of the traffic.