Leeson Bond System


Leeson Polyurethanes have been supplying stone bound systems since the mid 1990's and over that time the systems have demonstrated their quality, durability and ease of maintenance. When used as described in the installation guidance, the LeesonBound systems retain their integrity and have a service life in excess of 10 years. A maintenance guide is provided to keep the surfacing in optimum condition. LeesonBound is a high performance polyurethane based, SUDS compliant porous aggregate bond system incorporating resin and a range of aggregate blends. LeesonBound, when cured, gives excellent strength and elongation performance and is therefore an exceedingly durable system. LeesonBound is available in 2 grades, PU5384/60 is not UV stabilized and therefore will darken in UV exposure. The strength of the system is not compromised. LeesonBound UVR (PU4844/60) is also available. This is an aliphatic system and is therefore colour stable when exposed to UV. We have an approved range of aggregates for use within the LeesonBound range. The system, when installed with an approved stone mix, achieves a minimum standard for strength. We have also pre-screened for which types of aggregates are suitable with which product (PU5384/60 or PU4844/60). The systems both have excellent physical characteristics to give long service life and all of the resins are waterproof and have high thermal tolerance. (If customers wish to use another aggregate, they should make use of our in-house laboratory facilities prior to installing the system. This will confirm the stone mix strength, which resin is most appropriate for their chosen aggregate, and what UV discolouration will be present, if any). LeesonBound systems are BBA certified when used with approved aggregate blends and at the listed mix ratios, if an alternative aggregate blend or alternative mix ratio is to be used full approval has be gained before it can be BBA certified as part of the LeesonBound system.