Technical Specification:
Engine 4-cylinder-Kubota-diesel engine, water-cooled
with electro starter
25,0 kW (34 PS) at 2600 rpm (DIN 70020)
Diesel tank capacity 41 liters
Hydraulic oil tank approx. 75 litres
Electrical Equipment Electrical Equipment
Steering Mechanical, turning circle: 7,65 m
Drive / Brake System Hydrostatic, infinitely variable speed from 0-20 km/h
Hydrostatic drive also serves as operating brake
Hydrostatic lamella brakes (parking brake) affecting on rear wheels
Tyres 5.00 – 8 6 PR 5 bar
Compressor 2-cylinder-BOGE-compressor, mechanically driven, effective air supply 1060 litre./min.
Operating Pressure 7 bar, silenced
Thermoplastic Container 220 litres, heat insulated, hydraulic agitator drive, automatic ventilation and temperature control device, which ensures the material to be laid at the specified temperature.
Heating System Gas heated, Heating at tank transferred with the aid of an thermic oil circulating pump.
Extruder / Screed Shoe Both options available
Marker Unit Exchangeable shutters, width min. 10 cm / max. 20 cm
Electronic Interrupter Automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode 8 programs (computerized), electronic line length spacing device, safety-cut off device
Laying Speed With Extruder device up to 6 km / hr.
With Screed device up to 1 km / hr.
Glass Bead Container 75 litres with 2 outlets (with Air pressure)
Glass Bead Dispenser Vulkollan wheel driven dispensing unit, which can define the exact consumption and dispenses uniform glass beads without getting affected by the speed of marking.
Empty Weight 1200 kg
Front Axle / Rear Axle 250 kg / 950 kg
Admitted Total Weight 2300 kg
Front Axle / Rear Axle 700 kg / 1600 kg
Length x Width x Height
3880 mm x 1380 mm x 2700 mm